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We create computer games, multimedia, websites, demos, presentations and many other... Tatanka works with computer programmers, artists, musicians. We are young, dynamic developer team. We can create really amazing things. See examples below!

24.III.2001 - our demo Vertex wins computer party Addict Anniversary 2001! That four and half minutes long presentation triggered out big enthusiasm of people watching it. It is distributed for free.
(platform: windows, directX 7 or better)
[read more (in polish)...] [download demo 8.4MB]

Berde is an educational program that we are making in cooperation with Elbox. It helps young cyclists to lern traffic regulations. After watching instruction films the user's task is to repeat the exercises in real-time virtual 3D city (it looks like computer game, so it is attractive to pupils). Then the user goes through his/her way again with the assistent showing and comenting all the mistakes.
There are more other options like exam, free riding, etc.



(Tapestry of time)
The music collection of old ZX Spectrum and Atari hits. Now available in funny mug shape :-) (platform: windows) [read more (in polish)...] [download! 337KB]

Cartoon Planet
The biggest website designed completely in Flash technology. Made in cooperation with CMM. Crazy, colourfull, "comic planet", full of games, animations and monsteres.

GCT#1 - music collection
Graff Chip Tunes, first part. The older brother of "Kubek" described above. For maniacs of tracked music... (platform: dos, w9x, wMe) [download!]

Eval 1.0 - This is the application that uses our native 3D engine. This is very algorithmic, mathematic engine. Look at big quality of rasterization, that is impossible even on the newest 3D accelerators!
[more...] [download 576KB]

Who are we?

core of Tatanka:

Krzysztof Jakubowski
[alias Pyshtoff - code]

Michal Sokolski
[alias .misha. - gfx]

Zbigniew Ledwon
[alias hey - code]

Anna Esz

rest of active Tatanka's members:

Pawel Daudzward
[alias Graff - msx]

Agnieszka Kosla
[alias Angel - gfx]

Jarek Koszewski
[alias Koshu - gfx]

Artur Wrobel
[alias gTg - web]

Adam Nakonieczny
[alias Ae - gfx]